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Equity Shares

As with all Credit Unions, you become a member when you purchase Equity Shares. The Minimum Equity Shares purchase for us is $25 and there is a lifetime maximum of $500. These funds stay on deposit with us until such time as you withdraw your membership at which time they are returned to you with interest. The CECU has consistently paid a 5% dividends on Equity Shares over the past 5 years.

Regular Shares

Regular Shares is just another way to describe the demand savings account at the CECU. This is the demand account that our members use regularly. There are no monthly or annual fees on the account, no minimum balance, and all deposits are insured through CUDIC (read more at

Last year we were able to pay pack to our members a dividends of 1.8% on Regular Shares

Online Banking Services are available on all our accounts. These services include ATM cards, online banking, pre-authorized payments, direct deposit and Interac e-transfer. Contact us to activate these services.

Payroll Deduction

Members across the province agree that this is one of their favorite services. It’s a convenient and easy way to save money and make loan payments. Payroll deduction allows you to have any amount you choose slide directly off of your paycheque and into your account. It’s easy to adjust when needed and can be designated to go to any combination of savings, registered plans or loans and mortgages.

Term Deposits

For members looking for a guaranteed fixed return we do also offer the option of term deposits. The current term deposit rates can be found on our rates page.

Registered Plans

For members who wish to take advantage of Government Savings Vehicles we are also pleased to offer RRSP’s, RIF’s, RESP’s, and TFSA’s. We provide both variable and fixed investment options for all of these, current rates can be found on our rates page.

For more information about Registered Plans please contact us or consult the PDF’s below:

*We are still in the process of converting documents to electronic format. Stay tuned for more information to be made available as updated versions are released.

Personal Loans

We offer personal loans at competitive rates to cover a wide range of needs. Whether it’s a small loan to meet a short term need (like summer camp) or something larger like a home renovation or wedding we are always here for you. Our process is quick and painless with most members receiving their funds within a couple of days.

Download loan application here.


When purchasing a new home, or refinancing, the CECU offers both conventional and CMHC high ratio mortgages. Our conventional mortgages are readvanceable (multipurpose) which has proven to be very convenient for our members. Conventional Mortgages require a down payment of 20-25%. With a CMHC mortgage your down payment can be as low as just 5% (some conditions apply). Regardless of which type of mortgage you choose, our mortgage rates are market competitive and available on terms anywhere from one to five years.

Foreign Currency

U.S. cash is available at favourable exchange rates.